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Transition Assistance Foundation




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Our mission is to establish a “Community Re-entry Program” to help people learn to help themselves. By providing social and living skills to people leaving a Homeless or Battered Women’s Shelter, Treatment Facility, and/or Hospitals. Often times, a lack of job skills and how to apply for a position with a livable wage, contributes to a perceived feeling of hopelessness. To restore an individual’s ability to provide for themselves is our #1 Goal.  


Executive Summary

Transition Assistance Foundation (T.A.F.), intends to provide human service programs, education, and direct health care, to continue the mission T.A.F. established (3) years ago. A community re-entry program, consisting of necessary short term continuing care and treatment for a variety of illnesses coupled with providing a safe, sober, caring environment while helping the individuals to:

·        Obtaining a GED

·        Ongoing healthcare

·        Employment Skill Development  (At T.A.F. –LCCC)

·        Life Skills Education- and outreach (At T.A.F.)

·        Permanent Housing

·        Place of Employment


This is an investment in our community.  This is a program whose time has come, blending the for-profit business opportunities into the non-profit community. Allowing for this projects success, my vision is to construct a model non-profit self-supporting entity that can be copied across the nation.


T.A.F. intends to implement an innovative and creative program designed to dramatically increase the rate of recovery after one year.  T.A.F.’s plan is pro-active and ambitious.  We expect to become a model program for helping people to help themselves to become successful and productive members of their community.


T.A.F. has (6) primary objectives

·        To increase the rate of recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol (1) year after residential treatment for addiction.

·        To tutor and mentor individuals in areas such as living, social, and job skills.  We also will help to prepare the individual to take and pass a GED test.

·        To provide for the medical needs of people being discharged from a hospital, in need of medical care, yet not to the extent they would qualify for a long-term residential medical facility.

·        To provide a food bank for those in the community in need of nutritional assistance.

·        To provide basic computer instruction to any member of the community in an effort to boost the medium income, and education levels of the community.

·        To become self sufficient in meeting the needs of those persons meeting T.A.F.’s mission criteria.




T.A.F. is an Ohio public non-profit corporation founded in 1999 by William Crowell, and Paul Szabados with a profound belief in the “Human Dignity” and “The Inherent Spirituality” of people and the community.  The corporate office is located in Lorain, Ohio. T.A.F. has obtained 501c3 status from the United States I.R.S.


Company Location and Facilities


Corporate offices are located at 2900 Fulmer Rd. Lorain, Ohio 44053.  A block of property consisting of (18) eighteen residential / classroom facilities have been purchased to fulfill the T.A.F. mission.  All property is enclosed within (1) city block.


Business Strategy & Implementation

Marketing Strategy

  • To provide computer and Internet resources for fee to local businesses.
  • To provide alternative therapies to the people of the community. Out reach by CD Rom to  assisted Living Centers, Nursing Homes, Elderly Housing and Referral Sources.
  • To provide long term transitional housing for individuals meeting the T.A.F. criteria.


Strategic Alliances


***T.A.F. plans on a long-term relationship with:


  • H.U.D; Financial Grants.
  • Pathways Enrichment Center; mentoring and tutoring.
  • Local Agencies both public and private; referrals, donations, volunteers.
  • Corporate community.
  • Network for Good.
  • Professionals, shelters, clinics, social service agencies, and meal sites.
  • Hope Wellness Center.


Transition Assistance Foundation



The purpose of T.A.F. is to operate a ‘Community Re-entry Program” for needy persons discharged from hospitals, treatment facilities, and battered women’s shelters. Providing food, shelter, clothing, and new job skills, coupled with social and living skills will be encouraged. Helping people to build a spiritual, and sober lifestyle in a safe and sober environment is critical to increase the rate of recovery for those discharged from programs treating co-dependency, addiction, depression, and displaced persons.


The Reality: A call to action

T.A.F. has set up a “Recovery Village.” We now take up the Block of property form Fulmer Rd. to Brenner Rd. to Stevens St. The Block encompasses eleven (11) homes with various floor plans (1,2,and 3 Bedrooms). All are in fair to good condition.  There are also 3 two-bedroom townhouses, in good repair. In addition a large Barn, currently divided into separate garages, in the center of the Block.


Funding Needs

Securing a mortgage and operational funding is our greatest need at the present time.  Were the funding in place, all revenue projects could proceed. However, as in any business, money is needed to make money. Time is critical if we are to take advantage of the opportunity now in place.


The Reality: A call to action

  1. Cash!!! If we are to convert the Barn from garage space into a classroom and meeting room, we will need to pay for building materials. This is of primary purpose in fulfilling our mission. Insurance policies, and day-to-day costs, until grants now being applied for are received.


Being part of the Solution

We need to raise $50,000 to support this program right now. We need the support of the community right now. Please help support our efforts. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of many men, women, and children. If you have any further questions please phone Bill Crowell at 440-989-2338 or 440-989-2587.


What this means

This is an investment in our community. This is a program whose time has come, blending the for-profit business opportunities into the non-profit community. Allowing for this projects success, my vision is to construct a model non-profit self-supporting entity that can be copied across the nation.


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