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Transition Assistance Foundation



Battered Women's Survivors Club


        The Foundation has recently purchased 11 properties for our “Community Re-entry Program”. Men, Women, and Families leaving shelters, hospitals and treatment facilities are given an opportunity to acquire new job and social skills while living in a safe, sober spiritually based environment. Although the “TAF Complex” is in good repair, certain renovations and maintenance costs are inevitable. We are in need of immediate funding to support our efforts. In addition to raising cash to cover the purchase of food and toiletries, utility bills, and insurance, we are also in need of used appliances, furniture, and household items. We need new or used computer/office equipment and or supplies. Please help us to help people who ARE WILLING TO LEARN TO HELP THEMSELVES. Our efforts to date have been funded by the founder of TAF. At this time we need to ask the Business Community to invest in the valuable resources whom are leaving hospitals, battered shelters, and treatment facility. The generosity of your company will determine the amount of training and aid we are able to render to those persons in need of a chance to become productive and useful members of society. Your help can make a difference in the pathway of life for many. Please contact our office with any questions, or to tell us how you can help.

Transition Assistance Foundation’s

“Meeting Life on Life’ Terms”

Community Re-entry Program

Sponsored by:

Subway Foods, Lorain/Amherst ,Oh.

 Wendy’s Restaurant, Lorain, Oh.

Kiedrowski’s Bakery, Amherst ,Oh.

Pizza Hut, Lorain, Oh.

Dale’s Bike Shop, Amherst, Oh.

Computer Exchange, Lorain, Oh.

Research International Co. Lorain Oh.

Real Network. INC. Seattle, Wa.

Rent-a-center, Lorain Oh.

Zippo MFG. Corp.

Radio Shack Lorain ,Oh.

Walmart Corp. Elyria Oh.

A and J meat packing Company, Sandusky Oh.

 Sherwin Willians , Lorain Oh.

KlymaX Communications , Lorain Oh.

 No. Coast Computer , Lorain Oh.

Send Any Donations To:

Transition Assistance Foundation

2900 Fulmer Rd.

Lorain, Ohio 44053

Ph 440-989-5870  Fax 440-989-5872


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