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Transition Assistance Foundation



You've always wanted to learn aromatherapy

Now you can . . . for

Free Aromatherapy Seminar
George Cox

This seminar has been accredited by the National Certification Board, the National Association of Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals, the State Board of Ohio for Cosmetologists and Manicurists and has been given to a National Association of Medical Directors in Washington, D.C.  Normally, Mr. Cox's seminars cost between $50 and $275 depending upon the content. . .

And now you can receive it ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

This seminar, on CD Rom, simplifies aromatherapy so that anyone can benefit from all natural essential oils.  You will learn which oils can:

  • help you sleep and relieve stress;

  • raise your energy level;

  • enhance your sex life;

  • provide relief for colds, headaches, PMS, memory loss, sore muscles, minor burns, allergies, acne, and much, much more!

We are doing this because we believe in the benefits of aromatherapy and want you to know the proper way to use aromatherapy.  Of course, we would like for you to buy your essential oils from us, but you are under no obligation.  Accept the FREE seminar as our gift.  To receive the FREE seminar, simply complete and submit the form below.  The cost of the entire seminar is just $2.99 for shipping and handling.  Once we receive your payment for shipping and handling, we will send you your CD.  We accept checks, money orders or credit card and electronic check payments through PayPal.  

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Please provide the following contact information:

Yes, please send me the FREE CD.  I pay just $2.99 for shipping and handling.
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Payment Method

If you are paying by credit card or electronic check, we will send your CD out as soon as we receive an email acknowledgement from PayPal.  Checks and money orders ship upon receipt.  Please send a copy of this page along with your check or money order.

Sorry, but at this time we are accepting orders only from the continental
United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

Please make check or money order payable to Transitional
Assistance Foundation and send to:

Aromatherapy CD
Transitional Assistance Foundation
2900 Fulmer Rd.
Lorain, Ohio  44053

You may also send the $2.99 shipping and handling using
your credit card or electronic check payment through

  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Please provide the following product information:

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This seminar is presented by the Transition Assistance Foundation. The Foundation provides housing, education, clothing, food, and support to individuals needing help in the transition from Battered Women's Shelters, Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers, and Homeless Shelters back to the real world. All profits generated by the sale of our Essential Oils, Kits, Carrier Oils, etc. will go to help fund these projects. Any and all donations are appreciated, although certainly not required.

Contact Information

(440) 989-2338
(440) 989-2298
Postal address
2900 Fulmer Road, Lorain, Ohio  44053
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