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Transition Assistance Foundation



This Java applet displays unlimited number of images with video-like horizontal merge and vertical merge special effects and a cool sound effect.

Configurable Parameters

Parameter NameParameter Usage
Imagekimage files in .gif or .jpg format, k=1,2,..., number of images
soundsound file in .au format
movetypekhorizontal or vertical, k=1,2,..., number of images
ximagesnumber of vertical strips such that (applet width/ximages) is an integer
yimagesnumber of horizontal strips such that (applet height/yimages) is an integer
hstepsstep size for horizontal strip move
vstepsstep size for vertical strip move
URLkURL link for each image, k=1,2,..., number of images
targetktarget frame for each image if there is a target frame, k=1,2,..., number of images
Delaydelay between each frame
pausesteppause step for final image display

Sample HTML Code

< APPLET CODE="BannerShow.class" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="40">
< PARAM name="Image1" value="jbanner3.gif">
< PARAM name="Image2" value="ban.gif">
< PARAM name="Image3" value="ban2.gif">
< PARAM name="Image4" value="art_banner.gif">
< PARAM name="sound" value="">
< PARAM name="movetype1" value="horizontal">
< PARAM name="movetype2" value="vertical">
< PARAM name="movetype3" value="horizontal">
< PARAM name="movetype4" value="vertical">
< PARAM name="vsteps" value="4">
< PARAM name="hsteps" value="40">
< PARAM name="ximages" value="80">
< PARAM name="yimages" value="8">
< PARAM name="Delay" value="80">
< PARAM name="pausestep" value="10">
< PARAM name="URL1" value="">
< PARAM name="URL2" value="">
< PARAM name="URL3" value="
< PARAM name="URL4" value="">

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