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Transition Assistance Foundation



 Zmei Animated Text Banner

If you want remove status bar message please contact us.

HTML Code:

<APPLET code = "ztbanner.class" width = "500" height = "50">
<PARAM name="textcolor" value="0,0,255">
<PARAM name="message1" value="Zmei Animated Text Banner......">
<PARAM name="message2" value="From 1 to 5 messages and links....">
<PARAM name="message3" value="Get more applets here now.......">
<PARAM name="message4" value="">
<PARAM name="message5" value="">
<PARAM name="link1" value="">
<PARAM name="link2" value="">
<PARAM name="link3" value="">
<PARAM name="link4" value="">
<PARAM name="link5" value="">

End HTML Code

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