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Transition Assistance Foundation



Our Affiliates

Pathways Enrichment Center

Pathways is a non profit center, dedicated to enriching children, families, and individuals, by nurturing their potential through tutoring, mentoring, education and counseling.

Pathways Enrichment Center is committed to enriching the lives of children, families, and individuals through a targeted group of services designed to help individuals work toward being the best that they can be within their own personal possibilities.

Our logo, the tree, is a universal symbol of life. The growth, health and strength of the tree depend on many factors. As we embrace the journey that leads us through our pathways, we experience abundance and we flourish like the tree of life. The goal of PEC is to provide resources that will empower people to reach their potential.

History, & Name

Pathways Enrichment Center began in 1995 through the vision of Norva Ross in partnering with Community Health Partners Parish Nursing Program and Pastor Samuel Cash, Sr. of Full Gospel Ministries.

Over the past year, Norvas passion to inspire, teach and train individuals to enhance their potential for all aspects of personal development has birthed Pathways Enrichment Center (PEC). PEC developed highly effective mentoring and youth tutorial outreach programs in November 2000.

Pathways refer to the Various paths that an individual must walk to bring total enrichment and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Our mission is to bring resources to enhance our bodies (physical), our minds (cognitive), and relationships with others (social). We believe that these enrichments will have positive outcomes in aiding a person to enhance their behavioral and spiritual journeys.

Paths to an abundant life:

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